Oscar Contest 2003 Winners: With a total of 7 out of 10 correct predictions, Luis is the clear winner and will soon be in possession of Oscar the Sock Monkey. Second place was a ten-way tie, which was decided using both the tiebreaker and date of entry. Thus second place went to Sara and third place to photogjunkie. Unfortunately somebody has to get the wooden spoon, and this year that honor fell to Jai, who didn’t get a single point. Thanks to everyone who played though! I’ll have full results and rankings available soon. See you next year!


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  1. After 14 days web starvation I was hoping to come back to the news of an imminent sock monkey delivery. Oh well. Not to be. There’s always next year.

  2. I was robbed. Or just rubbish. But in my defence, I was going to go with Brody and the Pianist until the last second, but who would have figured the best actor would actually win for once? Cheers for doing it, anyway. It was fun and that.

  3. Thanks, guys. I was really pulling for my “regulars”, as it were, but there were just too many randoms. (No offense to said randoms.) I think frequent visitors were also shortchanged because they tended to predict earlier, while newcomers entered later and had the benefit of more media analysis. *shrug* We’ll get ’em next year.

  4. I am one of those random people, although, I don’t feel random. I guess you wouldn’t know that I’m an avid reader since I never leave comments. I will try not to be so “random” in the future. I guess this is a start…

  5. I was SO close, man. Who knew this Brody fellow would win?

  6. Ahh, see, that’s exactly what I was hoping for, Sara! 🙂

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