Just saw the episode of Survivor where Shawna was voted off. That was the greatest, grossest immunity challenge of all time. Snookums almost snorted beer out his nose when Deena got whacked in the head with the side of beef as time expired.


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  1. Also good was all of the French kissing done under the guise of “getting meat out of teeth.” Those crazy horndogs!! Poor Shawna, though, she was one of my faves! Have you been watching all season? The Christy situation in first couple of eps made me feel SOOOOO guilty about each and every time I didn’t look directly at Mary Hep when I spoke in her presence. This season’s been pretty good thus far overall. If I could get Heidi and Jenna in a dark room with a baseball bat, I swear. Those bitches…

  2. P.S. Baseball bat? Dark room? I don’t know why I felt I needed that scenario in order to punish them appropriately. I guess I would also be okay with a scalpel in a dimly-lit room or a chainsaw in bright light. Also, I’m demented.

  3. One of your faves?? Good grief. I thought Shawna was an unattractive, whinging, lazy-ass Flo Part 2. I cheered when she and her dirty face finally left.

  4. Oh yeah… I meant FAVES! 😉

  5. Wait, unattractive?? Are you BLIND?!?!?!?

  6. Are you kidding? She wasn’t even remotely cute in any universe I’m aware of. Neither is Heidi (who, according to the preview I saw for the next show, looks like my Grandma Veva naked). Shawna’s kinda pretty, but way too thin. Right now I think the best looking lady is Deena. I don’t understand how she looks so healthy while the rest look like starving Ethernopians.

  7. i was just glancing at these posts and saw the phrase “grandma veva naked” – almost peed. don’t EVER SAY THAT AGAIN.

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