Trivia Recap: Another second place finish for us tonight. There weren’t any huge groaners though; the winners just knew a couple more than we did. I won a Fosters hat for knowing what city Ally McBeal was set in. Here’s one for you all to ponder: What are the four longest mountain ranges in the world? (We got three.)


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  1. guessing: the andes, the urals (did i spell that right? it looks funny) and the himalayas.

  2. are the Appalachians in there?

  3. Andes and Himalayas are right. Urals (which we guessed) are wrong. And you’ve got the wrong American range, Stefanie. 🙂

  4. Andes, Rockies, Himalayas and Kunlun Shan?

  5. The first three are right there, Jann. But the fourth is… the Great Dividing Range that runs down the eastern coast of Australia. No, nobody from Australia got that either (though the Snook did propose it as a guess).

  6. I beg to differ. Because:
    1. The quiz was Australian.
    2. The quizees (forgive the power of red wine) were all subject to the restraints of Australian rules.
    3. Shane Warne.
    4. I bet you haven’t measured them (sound rude but that’s merely a digression).
    I, hereby demand a re-measure. Demand that your quizmaster gets out his tape and begins said re-measure. I am assured by several nerdy, non-Oz influenced academic egg-head types that the answer lies in the northern hemishpere and not the antipodoean region which you have so wilfully adopted as your home.

    Oh, look, there’s my bus.

  7. Oo, drunken post alert.

  8. I like that you leave drunken posts on MY blog instead of your own. 🙂

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