My friend Kevin got me addicted to Frontier House, the PBS show about three families pretending to be pioneers out in Montana. The Snook and I decided last night that we like the Glenn family from Tennessee. They don’t bitch and whine (except about their stupid neighbours), and the kids seem to be enjoying the project. The Clune family, on the other hand, are rich folks from California (the father brags that he’s never mowed a lawn in his life, and neither have his kids), so you can guess how well they adapt. The two teenage girls actually got ratted out for sneaking in makeup. I admit I had to laugh when they were bawling while milking their cow in the middle of a freak June snowstorm. The third family, the Brooks, are really nice, hard-working, and uninteresting. If you aren’t going to whinge about the work, you at least need to whinge about your neighbours if you’re going to hold my attention!


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  1. :) You Know Who

    March 31, 2003 — 9:43 am

    I once had cow that I used to milk. Broke down though and I had to use the udder one. 😉

  2. Frontier House was fantastic! The Clunes get more annoying with every hour. I’m not going to spoil anything, but you should do a little web-research and see what happened with the Glenn family after it was all over.

  3. I think I have an inkling, Max. The preview for next week showed the wife telling the husband that they were at “divorce point”. !

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