Apologies for the light posting. I had a relatively relaxing weekend, except for my allergies which occasionally drove me crazy. We’re now fairly certain that I have a food allergy to “sulphur dioxide”, which is a fairly common food preservative (and unfortunately gets used a lot with red wine). I’m going to make an effort to avoid it and see if that helps at all.

In crafty news, I attended an “intermediate” knitting class Saturday. I was surprised by how much I knew. In fact, I didn’t actually learn anything new. Cables, fixing mistakes, changing colors… I’d already figured it all out from my books. What’s more, some of the other girls – who’d been knitting for years – didn’t know ridiculously simple things, like how to pull yarn from the center of a ball or make a tassel. So basically I got a lot of confidence out of the class, and I took the opportunity to get the teacher to help me plan my first sweater. I’ve got all the wool (some lovely Jo Sharp stuff in plum) and I spent most of today working on it. I’ve got about half of the back done! I can’t wait to try it on.