Hello Kitty Underpants

Hello Kitty UnderpantsBehold, my underpants.
Okay, I’d like to start off by filling you single (and gay) guys in on a little secret: all girls have “granny pants”. These are the nice comfy cotton underpants we wear when we’re sick or out of laundry. No, they’re not sexy at all. Last Christmas my Mom sent me a nice pack of new plain white granny pants (as Moms are wont to do). They’re functional, though huge, and though I haven’t worn them yet, I’m not about to let them go to waste. They could be a little bit cuter though. That’s why I decided to try to liven them up a bit with some of this iron-on transfer paper (considering that I get a pretty nice staff discount). I wasn’t sure about a design until I came across a set of Hello Kitty brushes for Illustrator last week. With that, the plan was made.

The transfer paper was actually really easy to use. As I understand it, it’s coated in a kind of waxy stuff that melts when you iron it, thus coming off the paper and trapping the ink onto your shirt. That’s why you’ve got to trim pretty good around the image, because even where there’s no color you still get a layer of stuff. The design itself feels a little stiff right now, so I’m not sure how comfortable it’d be to wear a great big design. I don’t know how well they’ll hold up in the wash either, but quite frankly it’s not too big a worry. They’re only underpants. 🙂

(Hmm. Given that I officially got “on” the Net when I started college in 1995, it’s taken me about eight years to put my undergarments online. Geez, I’m like a porn star now or something.)


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  1. Hee! Where did you find those Hello Kitty brushes? I’d like them for myself!

  2. They’re somewhere in here, I think. You’ve got to register first, but I haven’t noticed any spam from them. Just look for “kitty” brushes… 🙂

  3. Oh wait! They’re not Illustrator brushes; they’re Photoshop “custom shapes”. To use them, load them into Photoshop and select the custom shape tool. Select the kitty you want and drag holding the shift key (to constrain the proportions). Then just control-C and paste into an Illustrator file. It’ll appear as a path that you can color and style as you please.

    Or if that’s too complicated, I can just send you the PDF I made. 🙂

  4. imagine all the hits you would get now, as a self-proclaimed porn star 🙂

  5. Yeah, I’m waiting for the traffic spike. 🙂

  6. i want your underpants. (did i just say that?). i’ve used that iron on stuff tonnes of times before, why didn’t i think of doing underwear? doh!

  7. The only thing I was worried about was melting the elastic. Luckily these pants were huge and the design was small, so it wasn’t too big of a problem. Just something to think about if you give it a try!

  8. Signing on and seeing “BEHOLD, MY UNDERPANTS” totally made my day. And the fact that they’re granny panties *sigh* I’m still giggling

  9. love ’em!

  10. granny pants suck! no self respecting chick ever wears them!

  11. cute ginch! You should put something big on the bum, like HK or Meow!

  12. Hee… Meow would be sweet. 🙂

  13. i love you for showing me your panties!
    i have a huge pair that i can use as a sleeping bag.

  14. This is such a cute idea. Do you still have that pdf file to share?

  15. OMG thank you so much for this idea! i’m so sick of the granny panties. i thought i’d never find a way 2 make them look nicer. oh, here’s another idea: tie-dye!!! 🙂

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