Trivia Update: Victory! We completely dominated last night’s pub trivia competition, winning by eight points. Of course, we also had about double the usual number of people, but even discounting the answers they gave us, the core group would’ve probably still pulled off the win. My personal highlight was winning a jug of beer for correctly identifying James Van Der Beek in a “Who am I?” type question. (Embarrassingly, the Quiz Master hadn’t even gotten to Dawson’s Creek yet when submitted my answer. I knew it based on a description of the actor’s football injury and his first movie role in Angus.) I also knew that BJ Hunnicut was played by Mike Farrell on “MASH”. (Thanks, Dad.) Okay, here’s the question of the week for all you play-at-home types: “Name the NINE cities in the world that have hosted the Summer Olympics that were NOT the capital cities of their country.”


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  1. So off the top of my head and in no particular order… Sydney, Barcelona, Atlanta, L.A.(twice?), Melbourne, Munich, Montreal and St Louis. So if L.A. counts twice i have 9, if not i am stumped…

  2. How does this place afford to give you guys all these free beverages all the time? You’re just cleaning them out.

  3. Angus was Van Der Beek’s first role? I’d completely forgotten about that one! I love that movie. It cried when Angus’ grandpa died, of course, and then at the end when Angus danced with the girl of his dreams. 😉

  4. You’ve got ’em all but one, Mark. LA was only once. The missing one is in Europe, if that helps…

    I think they’re still coming out ahead, Dan, given that there are usually about 12 teams playing. Plus they stretch it out over about three hours, so we still end up buying drinks beyond what we win. Also the prize for winning is only $50, which doesn’t go far with a bigger team. It’s good trivia though, and we mostly just play for the fun of it.

  5. Hey wait! That’s Kristen’s Mark! I didn’t know you were a visitor. I just realized the other day that you had a site. I like the picture of you at the top. Who drew it?

  6. I knew you’d get it. 🙂

  7. yeah, I knew them all (sydney took me a sec to remember b/c i always forget that canberra is your capital)… of course, the summer olympics is probably my #1, top, favorite trivia topic ever, so that helped.

    hey, your sis is on her way… fun! i think she’s coming to our pub quiz with us on tuesday. is she any good? 😉

  8. Yup i come by every so often.
    Antwerp. Never would have got it. LA has had it twice though right?

    Yes, I do have a web “presence”, peer pressure is a wonderful thing…
    Yeah, so the photo Kristen took in a cafe in Canberra and I used good ol’ Adobe Illustrator to trace it and green it.

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