Grrr. The Snook’s latest home brew just set off the fire alarm. We didn’t even know the damn thing worked. It took us five minutes of yelling at each other and whacking at it with broom handles to get it to stop. Stupid high ceilings…


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  1. look, if you need anyone to, lets say, ‘dispose’ of any of the home brew, feel free to contact the hubby and I.

  2. Hee! I’m sure we could spare a six-pack. Let me know next time you’re in Newtown… 🙂

  3. From experience…if you just fan the smoke away, it makes it stop long enough to give you time to reset the stupid thing. Use that broom to wave!

  4. Ah, but it wasn’t smoke. We think maybe the steam got it wet or something. At any rate, all the waving in the world wasn’t making that damn thing shut up. 🙁

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