Good News: We bought our round-the-world tickets today. We fly from Sydney to Chicago, Chicago to Boston, Boston to London, London to Venice, Rome to London, and London to Sydney via Singapore.

Bad News: An Australian flight attendant has just been placed in isolation with a suspected case of SARS after working the Singapore to Sydney flight. Crap.


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  1. whoo-hoo for the ticket! Chicago and Boston are two of my fav US cities. What fun.
    And by the time you fly all this SARS business will be well and truly over.

  2. when will you be in singapore?

  3. It’s just a transfer so we probably won’t even leave the airport. Our stopovers are the two in the States, London, and then Italy. Speaking of which, have you guys planned your trip? Rodd and I are trying to decide where to go. He’s been before once, but it’s difficult deciding what the both of us should see together.

  4. Mark is taking care of the trip details. I know we’re flying into Geneva, and then we’ll drive in to northern Italy from Chamonix. We’re spending a few days in Milan, and a few days in Venice. I think he’s also planning a couple of days in the Lake District (is that the right name?). I should probably start paying a bit more attention to the details, since we’re going in a mere 2 months!

    I’ve been to Florence before, and I loved, loved, loved it. I’ve also been to Bergamo, San Pelligrino and Verona as part of a school field trip in 11th grade. I’m sure you guys will have a great time no matter what you end up doing!

  5. Yay, Boston! When will you be here?

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