Monday Annoyances:

  • Noting moth-eaten holes in your favorite sweater as you pull it out of storage
  • Co-workers who rearrange the fridge to fit in their lunch and prop yours up sideways without realizing that you deliberately left it upright so it wouldn’t leak curry all over everything
  • Learning that though I follow the rules and turn in timesheets when I’m sick (so I don’t get paid for the time off), my unscrupulous stinky colleague never does
  • ARRGGHH! Thinking that the Survivor finale isn’t for a few days so you open up your web browser and there’s a big-ass headline spoiling it all for you

Okay, your turn…


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  1. i have a colleague at work who does that all the time as well. it really pisses me off, and sometimes i am not sure whether it pisses me off because they always get away with it or because i am too scared to do it myself. i just know i would be the person who gets caught. damn having morals!

  2. oh lord! i just HAD to go to and see who won survivor! :angry: holy moly it’s ruined it for me!! (i’ll still watch it tommorrow though haha)

  3. I know. It sucks. Not only is the surprise ruined for me, but knowing that that heinous beeatch wins makes it even worse. First Flo, now Jenna. It’s as if the gods are trying to convince me to stop watching reality television. Now all I need is for Carlo to win BB3 and I’m going to choke on my own bile.

  4. oh god, don’t get me started on that dirty young man. ew. carllloooo.

  5. He’s gone! He’s gone! My faith in reality television is restored. 🙂

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