I friggin’ love this… The Top Ten Punky Brewster Episodes of All Time. My personal favorites are #9 (the post-Challenger disaster episode with Buzz Aldrin) and #1 (where Cherie hides in a refrigerator and almost dies). An excerpt:

I always liked this episode because there was a lady in my apartment building when I was growing up who also hated kids. Only, I never saved her life and we never became friends. She was a real bitch.

Bwa ha ha ha! Very funny stuff.


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  1. This was great, but I don’t remember the refrigerator ep. I miss the 80’s shows, man.

  2. I think it even had a public service announcement after the show that warned us kids not to close ourselves into refrigerators. Probably saved my life… 🙂

  3. i’m glad to see that some other kid was convinced that jaws could come out of their toilet, now i know i wasn’t the only freak!

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