Spike… The Fonzie of our generation? Thanks to Brigita for pointing me to this great article about how Spike ruined Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And here we all thought it would be Michelle Trachtenberg!


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  1. be sure to check out the readers’ responses as well. as i said over at freakgirl, they have a few good points, and unless Spike dabbles in script writing and plot development, i don’t think he should shoulder all the blame for the show’s decline.

  2. i’m just worried about the fact that he might have the same negative effect now that he is coming into angel and they are losing cordelia. what made these characters so special in the first place is they were only recurring characters, not regulars. faith would probably lose her edge too if she became a fulltime member.

  3. Ahh, I read that the other day. I think it is true, although I blame the introduction of the endless SITs far more. That and the fact I just can’t seem to get interested in a “war”. I’m far more amused by the number of people who were very, very upset about the article. Seriously, I know people who cried.

    And yes, Angel was so good this season; I’m really worried about the damage Spike might do. Oh well.

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