I’ve been following the Kathleen Folbigg story with some interest, and I was relieved today to see she was convicted of murdering all four of her children. What a horrible tragedy. All four died as babies and the defense tried to argue that they could’ve all died of natural causes, but there was evidence of suffocation in each case. Oh, and she, like, confessed to the whole thing in her diaries and then had to try to explain that away in court. Not a wise move.


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  1. You foolish foolish child. Has anyone not noticed the husband who had no problem repeatedly impregnating a wife who must have been obviously showing signs of not coping. Perhaps if husbands were a little more concerned with their families as a whole, not just their concerns with ‘the hole’ this tragedy might never have happened. How dare he not shoulder some of the responsibility of this. Was she living in a cage, a cell, on an island. No, she was living with a husband who at the very least should have been more than a little concerned by the fourth birth. May god watch over those precious babies, may god give Kathleen some peace, sometime in her miserable existence. And may the husband never be allowed to impregnate another woman.

  2. You foolish, foolish troll. While I agree with you about the husband deserving some of the blame, I don’t appreciate being called “foolish” based on one paragraph I wrote over six months ago. Go rant on a news blog, idiot.

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