Friday Five:

1. What brand of toothpaste do you use?
The Snook and I recently began sharing toothpaste for the first time, and since he’s the pickier one we go with what he likes. It’s “Macleans”, I believe. He likes it to be actual paste (not gel), and he hates spearmint flavor. I can live with that.

2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer?
Again, I’m not bothered. I usually just grab what’s on sale. When he does the grocery run, the Snook usually gets something nicer (he likes quality) or the recycled brand (when he’s feeling enviro-conscious). I like the idea of the recycled one, but the last time we had it I suddenly made the connection between the “Planet Ark” brand on the package and the “Planet Ark” that does the commercials asking people to send in their Christmas cards for recyling every year. Somehow it just feels a little wrong to wipe your bum with somebody else’s Christmas card.

3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear?
I love cheap-ass Payless shoes. Seriously. I have no shoe-brand loyalty, and with cheap shoes you can try out styles you might not normally wear. (Case in point: the chunky black 40’s style heels still sitting in my closet that I bought but haven’t found an occasion to wear yet.) My running shoes appear to be Asics, but that’s just because it’s what the salesman handed me.

4. What brand of soda do you drink?
I wish I could say Mountain Dew. Nowadays, though, it’s Diet Coke all the way. I’m addicted to the stuff. I’ve become one of those girls.

5. What brand of gum do you chew?
Wow, do people actually have gum brand loyalty? I don’t really chew it on a regular basis, but when I do it’s just whatever I happen to pickup. My favorite used to be Strawberry Extra, but you can’t get that here. Again, I have to avoid the spearmint if I want the Snook within a three foot radius of me. 🙂


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  1. It’s not like Chirstmas cards have a soul. Ashes to asses, I say!

  2. Oh man… Now I’m going to think that every time I go to the bathroom! People will wonder why I’m hysterically laughing. 🙂

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