Cripes. Next month’s vacation itinerary:

  • United States: Security threat increased to high (orange) on May 20.
  • United Kingdom: Risk of terrorism.
  • Italy: SARS risk.
  • Singapore: SARS risk.

Bloody wonderful. Well, at least the Aussie dollar’s doing pretty well. We travelers take our lives into our own hands, but at least we’ll have a decent exchange rate.


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  1. ha ha. around the world in 80 scares. i am still jealous though. you will have a blast… umm, not literally. 🙂

  2. That link is pure fear factor. I’m surprised that it doesn’t have “Never Never Land: Pirate attacks, possible attack by boys in animal skins.”

  3. Britain (esp London) was at risk from terrorism for most of the 70s and 80s! I would like to point out at this juncture.

  4. And I was in an orthodox muslim country, not long ago, despite prominent warnings against travel directed at Westerners. It was wonderful. I’m still here.
    This reality really is little bleaker than it was a few decades ago – just trawl the BBC archives for the 60s, 70s and 80s. We’ve simply forgotten, or are too young to remember. Chances are you’ll have a great trip, so don’t fret; whatever happens will happen, we don’t know when or where.

  5. Very true, guys. I remember when I first arrived in London as a student and I asked one of our professors why there weren’t any rubbish bins in the Tube station. His answer was startlingly simple: “Because people put bombs in them.” It was pretty sobering.

    I’m not too worried about our trip though. Speaking of which, you Brits, are we going to have a London meetup in July or wot? 🙂

  6. s’pose so. When you coming over exactly?

    Mr Woods left ND Friday night. I got REALLY wasted.

  7. Wow. The Gimp has left the building!? Didn’t he take a year’s sabbatical recently anyway?

    I’ll e-mail you with dates and stuff. We’re probably going to be staying with Alex, so hopefully we can round up some of the old group. (Did I tell you I ran into Micheal Ossege here in Sydney the other day???)

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