A funny experiment that asks the question: “Does anybody ever look at credit card signatures?” The guy’s normal signature reminds me of my friend Kel’s, and the time we found a magazine in our dorm study lounge covered in her name. Apparently she used it to write on for practice. We still tease her about that. (Hi Kel!) Link courtesy of Kristen.


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  1. oh, that was SO not necessary!! i’m gonna get you back, and i think i know how. let’s just say it involves your sister (she’s coming over to my place tonight for a fondue party) and information sharing… 😉

  2. Hahaha… I didn’t give your last name or anything! You could’ve totally pretended it was somebody else. 🙂

  3. Oh no…information sharing with Amy providing the details…this should be good.

  4. When I went to England people checked signatures all the time! I kept having to explain that in America no one ever checks signatures and you can buy gas and groceries with just a swipe. I also mentioned cheaper gas, cloverleaf interchanges, and superirior Burger King avalability.

  5. I’ve actually noticed a lot more signature checking recently. Mine looks like the scrawl of an insane person, however, so perhaps it’s just me.

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