Running Report. I don’t know if it’s the hormones themselves or just my belief in them, but I have so much energy it’s unbelievable. Normally I have to drag myself to the gym. Today I actually thought: “I feel like running.” Granted, I’m still not brave enough to run outside, but I hit the treadmill at the gym with more enthusiasm than ever before. I didn’t feel sluggish or awkard; I felt bouncy and fast. I’d run a mile and a half before I even felt like taking a walk. I finished my three miles in 35:00, and the 5K in 36:00. Folks, this means my average mile time has dropped from 12:30 to less than 12 minutes in the past month. Viva la fartlek! Anyway, I was still bouncing at three miles so I decided to push on to four or even five. All was going well for half a mile… when I suddenly felt a tell-tale twinge in my right calf muscle. Damn, it’s that Achilles again. I figured I should stop before I made it any worse, so I came home. I had a massage scheduled anyway, so I had her do a little remedial there and even give me some reiki on it. (I’m not a believer, but it can’t hurt, right?) I just plan to ice it and take it easy for a few days. I guess I just bounced a little too much. 🙂

The race countdown has begun though… Two weeks til the Nike Women’s Classic! I officially registered yesterday and ordered my T-shirt. (Because really, I’m just all about the merchandise.) So, my Coaches, what do you think my training plans should be in these final days? I know I can handle the distance, so I probably shouldn’t push myself too hard, huh? I downloaded the race map – since it’s in a different location than last year – and I’m planning to head out there at least once so I know what to expect. Should I just concentrate on staying loose and hydrated? Should I forget about running entirely and cross-train for a while to take my mind off it? Whaddaya all think?


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  1. my only piece of advice is to make sure you are well hydrated the day before the event. don’t drink too much water the morning before the race, or you’ll feel all sloshy. but then, i guess it’s not exactly hot at this time of year in sydney. good luck! i’m sure you’ll do great.

  2. i’m not one to dole advice, but i think you could probably keep to your training schedule until four or so days before the big race. and i agree with kristen—be sure to hydrate well in advance!

    just out of nosiness, are you running with anyone?

  3. In training or in the actual race? Nevermind; it doesn’t matter. It’s just me. I don’t know any runners here. The Snook hates jogging, and – though a few of our friends are runners – none of them live close enough. Kevin says he’ll go with me once he quits smoking (but it hasn’t happened quite yet). So it’s just me by my lonesome. If I do the City to Surf in August I’ve got a couple volunteers to run with me though.

  4. I had Achilles problems in my calf, and found that stretching regularly really helps. My favorite / most effective one is to stand on a stair step, heels dangling over the edge and slowly lower my heels until I feel a stretch. Ibuprophen is good too, of course.

    I agree with the other folks: keep your normal routine until a few days before the race. I usually take 2 days off before a race, although some say an easy run the day before is good to keep loose. And don’t eat anything that you don’t normally eat in the day of and before the race (i.e. if you don’t train with special sports snack or drink, don’t try it for the first time on race day).

    Sounds like you’re doing great! Don’t get nervous; you’re ready!

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