From today’s Column 8:

[T]hree hours into a Virgin flight from Perth to Sydney on Sunday, horrified cabin crew spotted a security lapse. A passenger armed with two long plastic needles was busily knitting away, reports a Willoughby reader. He says the potential weapons were seized and handed to the purser, who carried them discreetly to the cockpit, apparently trying to avoid attracting the attention of other passengers. All went well until the purser dropped the ball of wool, which “trailed . . . up the aisle as he went to advise the captain of the breach in security.”

Damn. Knitting on the trip is out. I wonder if a crochet hook is acceptable? Maybe it’s time to acquire a new skill…


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  1. Drats. I’m doing some serious flying this weekend (Seattle to Prague) and was hoping to bring the knitting.

  2. Hey Kris,
    How about macrame? No dangerous and deadly tools needed that I know of.

  3. I guess so. The only problem is that it seems so limited in what you can make. I mean, how many belts or plant hangers do I need? 🙂

  4. What about OOtP? Save the book specifically for the trip!

  5. Oh! I almost forgot — when are you going to be in the States? I’ll be in the Land of Corn starting on the 25th, through the 28th.

  6. Ooh, that’s when we’re there! Where are you going to be? We’ll be based around Elkhart, but I plan on taking the Snook to the Fort at least once. (I sooo want to take him to the Children’s Zoo. It will be so hilarious to see him in the “Australian Outback” section!)

  7. Heh. That would be funny to see… I wonder if they’ve modified the “Outback” recently? I remember it being rather empty and lame. My favorite bit of the FW Zoo was the little automated zebra-striped carts — they traveled through the African Veldt or Savannah or something like that. Other than that, the best time to go to the Zoo was during Halloween.

    I’m going to be flitting around between counties Whitley, Noble, and DeKalb, but will likely spend a good deal of time in the Fort proper. I need to get my yearly dose of Casa! house salad. 😉

    The only day I’ll be completely unavailble is Saturday the 28th, which is my little sister’s wedding day. Wednesday (afternoon) through Friday is free and clear thus far, as I haven’t called up anyone yet to make plans. If you’re interested, we should meet! Email me and we’ll coordinate. I’ll send you contact info! 🙂

  8. Oh wow I never thought of the Snook in a Zebra car, I may have to go along just to see that. Just be sure to let him “drive”

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