Me and SnookumsCongratulations to Kenya and Sal on their wedding. The Snook was a groomsman, as you can see here. Doesn’t he look handsome? The church was out in Watson’s Bay, which is right at the mouth of Sydney Harbour. The view was amazing; on one side you could see all the way back into the Harbour with the sunset shining through the Bridge, and on the other you just looked right out over the cliffs to the sea. The reception was at the Centennial Parklands Restaurant and the Snook and I had a great time dancing to the jazz band. (I ate salmon! Can you believe it? And it was good!) I couldn’t wish for a better day for my friends.

A helpful tip for future weddings though: When someone warns you that the father of the bridge has a tendency to be long-winded, take them seriously. An open bar and a never-ending speech make for a very uncomfortable bladder.