Storm at Sea Quilt

Storm at Sea QuiltStorm at Sea Quilt
It’s done! Today is the wedding of my friends Kenya and Sal, and this is the quilt I made for them. It’s a traditional American pattern called “Storm at Sea”. I started it just over a year ago (but I took a bit of break in the middle of the summer). The top was machine-pieced but I quilted the whole darn thing by hand. I also used a bias binding for the edge, which was a first for me. All in all I’m really proud of how it turned out. And isn’t the basket cute? I saw it in a shop yesterday and realized it was the perfect way to package the quilt. Read on for more pictures (and click to enlarge).Storm at Sea QuiltHere’s a shot of the quilt pattern itself. As you can see, it’s all made up of triangles and squares but somehow they kinda fool the eye into seeing curves and waves.

Storm at Sea QuiltThe Snook is actually standing on a chair and holding the quilt up here (and hiding behind it) so you can get an idea of how big it is. It’s probably about queen-sized, I’d say.

Embroidery DetailI suck at embroidery, but it’s sorta tradition that you personalize the quilt for the receiver. Here’s my, uh, “rustic” attempt at adding their initials.

Like I said, I’m proud of it. And hey, that’s one more thing I can cross off my crafty backlog!


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  1. Sorry for testing this here.

  2. It is beee-you-ti-ful!

  3. If that were for sale in Shipshewana it would probably go for several hundred dollars, you should be proud.

  4. Oh man, that’s a gorgeous quilt! Your friends will love it, I’m sure.

  5. i’m very impressed, Kris! great work. 🙂

  6. Great quilt, Kris. I remember when it was just a few squares. *sniff* I love the quilt – it’s gorgeous!

  7. Thanks you guys. I haven’t gotten much feedback from the happy couple (as they’re still on their honeymoon), but I have a feeling they’re going to love it when they get back. It’s frickin’ freezing here! 🙂

  8. that is so beeutiful!

  9. Very inspiring! “Storm at Sea” is on my To-Do list. What a lovely personal gift for your friends.

  10. I want to make one!It is gorgeous!Did you paper piece it?

  11. Nope. I just individually pieced the squares together on my machine.

  12. I just completed Storm At Sea for my 24 yr old son at his request. I did the entire thing ‘paper-piecing’. I know how much work it is. Yours is lovely and what a grand gift to give.

  13. Aw, thanks Sue! I bet it’s lovely.

  14. Kris, did you have a pattern to go off of?? I’m trying to find one right now, and can only find paper pieced ones or ones with templates in it. Gorgeous quilt, by the way!!

  15. Hi Veta. I had a quilting book with an illustation of the block with all the dimensions. I just used that to make plastic template pieces. Have you tried the library or They let you search inside books, so you might be able to find one.

  16. Cute quilt! I’m just begining quilting(I’m only 13)and as my second quilt I was looking at this pattern. Do you think I could do it?

  17. It’s not easy, but if you’re patient and you don’t mind piecing a million little bits together, go for it! It’s all just squares and triangles so the actual sewing isn’t too hard. Just time consuming and exacting.

  18. I found your site and your beautiful quilt while looking for a variety of colorations for the Storm at Sea pattern. Yours is lovely. I too make large quilts to give as gifts.
    After many years as a quilter, I found the square in a square technique (rulers, books, video) and am really impressed. My inital response was, “I thought so,” because I have been certain more simplified techniques are being developed all the time. Thank the innovative minds of quilters!
    Smiley, I’m sure you could easily (and quickly) use the technique. Just click on to for all the iformation you will need.
    Another Indiana Quilter

  19. Kris.. I ran onto your site looking for information on quilting .. Your quilt is just lovely! You should be very proud of it. And how sweet of you to put so much time and work in on it and give it as a gift.. How truely awesome of you to do that. I am 53 and just recieved my first sewing machine for Christmas and am making my first squares.. I am making I think it is called a crazy quilt with the paper squares. Rather interesting I have to say. Did you have someone show you how to make the quilt to begin with? Or do you have other family members that sew? I wish I knew what I was doing for sure. Just kind of trial and error I suppose. Good luck to you and have fun..” When Life Gives You Scapes Make A Quilt” I read that the other day and gave me a snicker…God bless..

  20. Thanks for the nice comment! My mom has been a quilter for as long as I remember so I basically knew the general process. I called her a lot of times for advice though! I also looked a fair bit up on the internet, as it sounds like you’re doing…

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