Well, we’re here. That was literally the longest day of my life. After nearly twenty hours of transport, the Snook and I are safe and sound back home in Indiana.

And yeah, I finished Harry Potter. No, I didn’t love it.


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  1. sleep well and after that, catch come fireflies for me. 🙂

  2. Linda, Kim & I are heading to the flea market before we all leave for our respective homes. Come play!

  3. Welcome back! I may actually be venturing back to LaGrange for the weekend, though I’ve got hours of work to do to my car that I’d rather not put off. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks guys! I think we’ll be hitting the flea market Tuesday morning. You be around, Jenny?

  5. I’ll be in Bloomington, but I’d love to meet up in Chicago. I have an interview on the 7th!!!!! Opthmalogists office, wish me luck. So I’m heading up the night of the 5th. Let me know what your plans are.

  6. We’ll be there that night but I don’t know how easy it’ll be to meet up. We’re going to be crashing with a friend of mine and I’m not sure where she lives! You got a cell phone or something so we can get ahold of you? E-mail the number to me.

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