Here’s a useful tip for travelling, kids: Book hotels before you go. The Snook and I (in our usual fashion) waited til the last minute to schedule anything on this Italy trip. We’ve been lucky so far and we’ve only had one bad place, but our lack of planning has finally bitten us on our collective ass. We were supposed to go to Naples today and spend three days exploring Herculaneum and Capri, but unfortunately we just could not find a damn hotel room. Hence we’re in Rome for another night and we had to spend half of today calling all over the country looking for a room. We’re finally booked, but it was a pain that we should have avoided. Just think of that in the future…


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  1. kris – off topic – do you have one of these shirts yet?

  2. Maybe the ‘rels’ would have come in handy!?
    Oh,and get your winter woollies out…it’s FREEZING! The westerlies have arrived and guess where it’s snowing…out west!

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