I saw Down With Love on the flight home and I absolutely loved it. Snookums refused as he thought it was going to be some cheesy girly romance (though afterwards I tried to get him to watch it on repeat). It’s really funny and if you have any sort of crush on Ewan McGregor at all, you must go. The single line “Why do you mourn, baby?” even managed to erase what little ill will I had towards the film because of Renee Zellweger’s involvement.


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  1. i saw the trailer for Down With Love at the weekend, and i want to see the movie. grrrrrowl – ewan mcgrrrrrrregor.

  2. I really enjoyed it; didn’t even try to get the BF to come with, though. The reviews kept comparing it to the old Rock Hudson / Dorris Day flicks of the era; I need to see those where the sexual innuendos were actually innuendos and much more sublty funny. If you haven’t seen the Natalie Wood movie version of HGB’s “Sex and the Single Girl,” I highly recommend it. No Ewan (very growwwwwl), but still fun and funny.

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