Snookums and I were talking recently about the nastiest (real) candy we had personally tried. The worst I could come up with was Swedish Fish, which have a flavor I like to describe as “ass”. I didn’t think he could top that, but boy was I wrong. I’d like to introduce the rest of the world to the concept of Musk Sticks. Yes, it’s pink extruded candy flavored with musk. Musk… as in the animal excretion. (Pause for group involuntary shudder.) It’s evidently a classic Australian sweet. The Snook’s verdict: “They’re disgusting. How does The BFG describe snozzcumbers? They’re like that. My sister likes them though.” They remind me of the DOE-P stuff my Dad used to sprinkle around to attract deer during hunting season. I won’t be trying them anytime soon.

What’s the grossest thing you know of that people actually eat?


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  1. omg, how dare you say that!! swedish fish are one of my fave candies of all time! only the red ones, though (which are the original anyway). they’re like gummy bears but totally sweeter. and, ALL red. red = the best gummy product color by FAR.

    p.s. the only time the fish are bad news is when you have a cavity and then that red shit will get stuck on your teeth and then pain, sweet jesus, the PAIN!

  2. Red is definitely the best gummi color, but Swedish Fish don’t taste like any other red gummi! I’ll take plain old worms or – yum – cinnamon bears any day.

  3. I notice from one of your other posts that you would like to visit Iceland. If that’s the case, stay away from the glerh©Ð¨¢karl which is fish that has been buried, allowed to go rotten , hung up to dry and then eaten.

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