Trivia Recap: We improved slightly from last week and finished in third place. Unfortunately our streak of winning mini-jackpots came to an end (though I was only half a second late in identifying Patrick Swayze and should’ve had that one). The hardest question of the week was definitely: “Name the seven countries of the world whose English names contain the letter ‘J’.” We got all seven but we really had to rack our brains. Other notable questions: What’s Angela Lansbury’s character’s name on Murder She Wrote? What are the four biggest countries that lie entirely in Asia? Which two countries were the first to host the modern Summer Olympics twice?


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  1. olympics – the u.s. (la and st. louie) and france (paris 2x). “j” countries – jordan, japan, fiji, jamaica, …? these things make me crazy!

  2. Whoops! I phrased the Olympics question wrong. It was, Which two CITIES were the first to host the Summer Olympics twice? (You’ve already got one of them: Paris.)

    And that’s four of the J’s… Can anybody get the other three without cheating? I will accept creative spellings. 🙂

  3. as usual it is only pop culture knowledge that comes to my rexcue… angel lansbury portrayed mystery writer jessica fletcher, and she lived in cabot cove!
    if only i could get my brain to take in other knowledge…

  4. oh, well then it’s london. what about those asian countries? i mean, china is obvious… no clue on other sizes.

  5. Djibouti, or something like that??? I have no clue about the other two.

  6. i’ve been thinking of those damned j countries all day and the only other one i can think of is azerbajan. that’s probably a creative spelling and i’m not 100% certain it’s a country even.

  7. Excellent! Djbuti and Azerbijan. There’s one more to go…

    And China is correct too, Kel. It all comes down to where you draw the line, right? We only got two of the four, actually. If it helps, the Quiz writer seemed to include the Middle East as Asia.

  8. Oh, and your answer was correct too, Robert! We were stumped on that one for a minute, til I managed to dredge up “Jessica” out of my brain. Then Steve suddenly went, “Jessica Fletcher!” and we all looked at him. But it was right! 🙂

  9. Yes, I’m ashamed.

  10. Where did everyone go after 8-11-2003?? I only just discovered you!!

  11. Erly – click on the header image. This is but one post on a blog that spans many years. Or click on “Archives” and search for “trivia”. There are many, many posts about trivia.

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