I’ve added a Running Log to the site down there in the right sidebar. As I told the Snook this morning, hopefully showing you guys my times will bring some needed accountability. Don’t neglect to call me out for slacking!


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  1. Slacking meaning speed or frequency? I just think it’s important to get the miles in, regardless of speed. I won’t call you out, though; she who lives in a glass house…

  2. Frequency, definitely. If that goes up, I think the speed issue can’t help but improve, right? 🙂

  3. that’s fantastic Kris, really good idea… are there enough of us out there (here?) that some sort of group log would make sense? Is that sort of thing easy to set up? just a thought…

  4. It wouldn’t be too hard, really. Is anybody else interested in this? To be honest, I’m almost worried that seeing other people’s results might discourage me. You’re all so much faster than I am!

  5. You just assume we’re faster than you! a) that’s not necessarily true
    b) may be something to aim for? when i first started running I couldn’t go for more than about 3 minutes without walking a bit, and had an average mileage time of about 13 mins… I’m now down to between 10 – 11:30/mile depending on a HUGE number of variables, including how much I’ve been training so far, weather, general health, race conditions, etc… but still — I’m no speed demon! Running’s so much about personal goals — I know I’ll never break any real records but if I ever broke a 10 minute mile I’d be ecstatic!

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