Attention Australians! The Snook has just discovered that The Amazing Race Series 4 will finally premiere on Channel 7 this Wednesday night at 10:35 p.m. About damn time. I’m happy to report that we’re technically only an episode behind though (at least in my house), thanks to the Snook’s mad downloading skillz. We had a marathon yesterday and watched episodes 5-10 (up to the octopus eating in Korea). Right now I’m cheering for the clowns, but honestly I wouldn’t be upset with any of the teams left winning. This must be the karmic payback for enduring Flo/Zac and Teri/Ian last year.

Oh, and please don’t spoil the last episodes for me! I’ve been really good about looking away whenever I see anything Race-related. (I actually screamed and covered the monitor with my hand when I saw the word “clowns” at the top of Max’s site.) I’ll probably have to unplug from the Internet altogether before we get the last episode though…


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  1. kris, i almost screamed like a little girl when i saw the ad for it last night!
    at least there will be something to concentrate on when buffy finally leaves us…

  2. I’m sorry, Kris! If I had known, I would be giving all of my TAR-related stuff really enigmatic titles,like “Snowflake on the Lotus Blossom” or something. I apologize.

  3. just download the new episodes same day (thursday u.s.) at this site – they’re small files, but definitely good enough to get your TAR fix in every week! i inevitably end up coming home drunk on thursday nights and watching them, only to completely forget what even happened! then i just watch again on friday…

  4. A Tripod site has the bandwidth to do this? Wackiness. Thanks for that URL; I’ll pass it along to the Snook.

    And no worries, Max. If Kel’s URL works I won’t have to be so careful. 🙂

  5. oh, it works allright, don’t you worry! i use it every week. i think you can get the last 2 weeks’ TAR eps there right now, so you can get all caught up before friday. you might need to download winrar or something to extract the files, but other than that, i’ve never had a problem with the site. oh, and they also post survivor, 24, and sopranos eps there in-season, too, as well as some other great shows. it’s the best site ever!

  6. lemme know if you have any problems with the downloading. if so, i can just AIM you the files. they’re not that big at all (which makes full-screening them a tad annoying, but you can still read the captioning when they do it, and that’s all the quality you really need anyway).

  7. omg, i just checked the site and they now have an archive of every TAR ep from seasons 1-4 up!! yippeeeeee, i’m gonna get them all now. also, all 24’s from seasons 1-2 are there as well. SWEEEEET! (sorry for the multiple posts).

  8. Rodd checked it out yesterday and said that the eps are mostly like 50 MB, whereas the smallest ones he’s been getting are usually 200 MB. We like to watch ’em on our big TV so we’ll probably stick with the big ones. We’ve already got 11 though so I think we’ll be relatively caught up.

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