The Run Log is having the intended effect. I actually thought to myself today, “I better hit the gym tonight so I don’t look lazy.” Ah, the power of peer pressure. I went. My overall pace wasn’t blistering but I did manage to finish the first mile in 11:28 (a personal best). I think I need new gym clothes though. My old shorts and T-shirts are getting pretty baggy and I spend half my time flopping my arms around and trying to un-bunch things into a comfortable position. What do you wear when you run?


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  1. i personally prefer spandex shorts and slim-fitting tank tops when i run. i’ve given those running shorts (with the high-cut legs and inset…er…panty) a try, but felt like i was constantly fiddling with them as well.

  2. my mum gave me proper running shorts (not the little short shorts though!)for christmas last year, and they are super comfortable. they have the built-in knickers, and whilst that might sounds kinda weird (hey, i thought it was weird), it’s actually comfortable and there is little or no creepage. i need a proper sports bra for running in – i like champion best, but nike is OK too. any old cotton t-shirt will do, though i do like my few ‘proper’ running t-shirts (also gifts).

  3. I wear same as Kristen (although her mom didn’t send me mine πŸ˜‰ ), but I usually wear 2 running bras (I’ve only found one kind that gives enough support on its own). I also wear a hat and synthetic running socks (w/ good shoes, of course).

    Once the temps go below 60 degrees or so I replace the shorts with running tights and when the temp gets a little cooler I wear a very lightweight jacket, that I usually take off a mile into the run and tie around my waist. While I usually wear cotton t-shirts in warm temperatures (I have a lot from various runs that I’ve done), I don’t wear cotton when it gets cold; that’s when it’s important to wear quick-dry, wicking fabrics.

  4. Okay, it’s evident that I’m wearing, like, twice as much clothing as you guys to run in. No wonder I get so uncomfortable and sweaty. One big problem is that all the nice fitted sporty tank tops here have built in shelf bras that do *nothing* for my generous figure, and I feel like a dork wearing a bra under a bra. So I end up wearing a T-shirt, and all of my T-shirts are now huge on me. But hmmm, this double-bra-thing sounds interesting, Tricia. I might have to give that a try.

  5. i’m definitely a fan of the double braβ€”i usually wear a champion uniboob over-the-head number (in a size small, if you can believe it) over a champion underwire bra. those suckers don’t move a bit with all that “support” (aka crushing force). πŸ˜‰

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