The Snook and I watched a fascinating documentary on the ABC last night called “The Anti-Fat Pill and the Bushmen”. It’s about the San tribesmen of the Kalahari Desert in Africa and this amazing “Hoodia” cactus they’ve cultivated for centuries. Their hunters would chew a bit before going out after game and they wouldn’t need to eat again for days! So naturally several companies have seized upon this discovery as the cure for our big fat gluttonous Western culture of obesity. They’re working towards developing it in a pill form right now. The documentary focused more on the tribesmen and their fight to share in the profits from the drug, but to be honest all I could think about was this miracle pill. The interviewer tried some and then wasn’t hungry for twenty hours! Sign me up! I want some now! No matter how much I exercise and no matter what foods I eat, I’m always hungry. This Hoodia thing could change. my. life.

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  1. GASP!! I want this pill/cactus/whatever!! I also want some melanotan! Beep!

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