Trivia Update: We only managed a measly fifth place tonight. To add insult to injury, the Snook completely boned a bonus jug question that involved identifying the song that starts with the lyrics: “I hear that train…” That was a tough one to forgive. Other highlights from the quiz were: Name the five biggest ethnic groups in New York City (besides white Americans). What was the name of the family in the film Vacation and which amusement park were they going to? Which two female tennis players competed against Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes?


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  1. The Griswalds! To Wally World to see Morty Moose! Is it sad that I can say that w/o question? I could guess on the others, but I won’t.

    Oh, Billie Jean King &……

  2. NYC: African American, Jewish American, Italian American, Hispanic, Asian American. Too general?

  3. Tricia – Those were the same answers we had! (Except we wrote Negro, Latino, Italian, Jewish, and Chinese. I objected to the “negro”, but was overruled in that the term is not considered offensive in Australia.) But at any rate, Chinese/Asian is wrong. Anybody guess on the last one? Personally I think it’s contentious, because how do you gauge ethnicity? Basically, the last answer is one that a lot of people might identify themselves as, but I don’t think in terms of blood they’ve got much of it in them.

    And Jenny – right, right, and right! None of you will guess the other tennis player because she’s Australian…

  4. Hmmm… Irish? Seems like more of a culture/heritage/distant ancestor thing, not necessarily ‘ethnic’

  5. EXACTLY! But that was the last answer. A lot of people complained since they thought Irish-Americans would come under the “white Americans” category, but apparently not.

  6. Don’t Italian Americans and Jewish Americans also think of themselves as white? I feel like we’re treading the line of politically correct/incorrect here. If you just said ethnic groups and didn’t exclude white Americans, it would be easier, since white isn’t an ethnicity, it’s a color.

  7. The Grizwalds (sp?)

  8. and they were going to Wally World and they called their car ‘The Family Truckster’

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