Not happy, Jan. My iBook monitor is officially buggered. The cost of replacement is over two thousand dollars, not counting labor. I could buy a whole new computer for that! I called Apple Australia’s customer relations in the hope that they might throw me a bone and let me buy AppleCare out of warranty, but they’ll only do that if the computer is verified “in good working order”. Ouch. So the only solution left is to hack the machine to allow me to operate it with the lid shut and plug in an external monitor. The Snook, ever one to see the silver lining, has graciously offered me his huge mondo monitor… so he can buy a new one. 🙂


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  1. Daaaamn. I’m sorry, Kris… That sucks.

    Why so expensive, though? I think I paid $1700 for my iBook, and that was the top-of-the-line model two years ago. They can’t be that much more expensive now!

  2. It’s just that all the parts for it are so customised, I guess. I have no idea. I paid $2000 for mine (in US dollars) in 2001 but I’m sure they’re double that in Aussie dollars here.

  3. Sounds like nonsense to me. Get a 2nd opinion. I mean, they’re saying the LCD itself is fried? I guess it could happen, but the bad connector thing is so common in iBooks. Plus $2000 for parts is completely recockulous. It’s extortion. All part of the global extended warranty scam. $2000 sounds like a lot for a new iBook too. Is that because it was bought outside the US?

  4. No, I bought mine IN the US on my way out here, Dan. It was around $2000 then (maybe a little less; I’m fuzzy on the figures), but I got the top of the line model with the combo drive. I’m sure they’re cheaper now in America.

    The Snook and I were discussing it this morning. We’re thinking that the guy was being honest. I mean, he told me that it was the monitor, how much the monitor would cost, and then said that he wouldn’t advise I bothered with it. Which means he gets nothing. When I protested that I still thought it was the cable, he explained that he’d removed the monitor and attached it to another computer, and it flickered. Then when he put a new monitor on mine, it didn’t flicker. If he thought it was anything else at all he could’ve gotten me to pay him to do work, but he didn’t. Turning down money is pretty good evidence of being honest, I think. So I’m going to give up, cut my losses, and help the Snook pick out another monitor.

  5. Time to get a “REAL” computer maybe instead of your Mac toy eh? hehe…

    Only joking….that sucks 🙁 Sorta defeats the purpose of having a laptop if the screen in broken.

    You could always just turn on the computer and imagine what the screen would look like when you want to use it. You might not get that much done though….

  6. Well, except that I didn’t use it as a laptop anyway. For the eighteen months I’ve had it, 99% of the time I’ve used it as a desktop. I just bought it that way because it was easier to bring it with me into Australia. It’ll be fine with an external monitor. In fact, it looks beeeyoootiful on the Snook’s big 19-incher, which he’s giving to me. 🙂

  7. Carry-On-Ferreting

    September 5, 2003 — 10:19 am

    Is that a line taken from the new Carry On film? Oeee-er missus!

  8. I *totally* set you up for that one. 🙂

  9. Thank you! Hope the moving etc ends up being not too bad ….

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