I’m baaaaack! Wow, I thought you kids would’ve made a much bigger mess while I was gone. 🙂

No major dramas with the van, thank St. Christopher. I only had one minor incident going around a roundabout, where I waited too long to start cranking the wheel (no power steering, of course) and ended up jerking it at the last minute. Of course, that meant about fifteen boxes in the back slid over. To further compound my stupidity, I then turned my head to see what had fallen, thereby forgetting to turn the wheel back to the left and driving up on to the curb momentarily. No harm done though, and the guy behind me had a bit of a laugh. I think it gave me good driving karma too because each time we headed back to the old place I was able to find a huge legal parking space right across from the house. So that was good.

Right. So the Snook and I took over two loads of stuff Friday and the movers brought the rest on Saturday. We are loving our new place. The Snook is so enraptured by the dishwasher he insisted we rewash all of our dishes to remove any newspaper packing residue. I myself am so positively giddy over my internal laundry (and the fact that I can wash clothes in hot water now) that I’ve done about ten loads already. We even washed the couch slipcovers and all the rugs. It’s wonderful.

Here’s what isn’t wonderful about moving: cleaning the old house. We’d planned to do it ourselves on Sunday but we only managed about 45 minutes of dusting and sweeping before giving up. It was just too gross and we were too tired. Plus psychologically we were all about nesting and setting up our new place, and I was just so ready to be done with the old place, you know? So we called it quits and arranged to have a cleaner come in Monday. All that’s left is for the Snook to take some old clothes and toys up to the op shop.

We’re about 75% unpacked at the new place. Really all that’s left is the office, which is currently piled high with desks and computers and boxes. It’s a low priority because we won’t have our ADSL switched over for a week or so. (No CouchCam til then, I’m afraid.) The Snook also has to work out how he’s going to cable the new place. I keep pushing him to go wireless, but given how much we’ve already spent on the move I guess I can live with a few wires crossing the hallway. 🙂

As always, pictures are forthcoming. I can’t wait for you to see it!


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  1. Wow! I can’t believe that you’re already that unpacked! I’m still not unpacked from my last move (which was 2 years ago). 🙂

    I found that when I wasn’t driving much (in the Navy days when I was either at sea or commuting via bike) I had lost the hang of driving. Now that I log 50+ miles a day in the car, I’m much better at it.

    I always have to wash all dishes post-unpacking, too. This is definitely an instinctive behavior, done more because my mother and her mother before her did it, rather than me really thinking it’s necessary.

  2. Yeah, I’m a little surprised at all the unpacking we did too. We’ve got a lot of things in bulk though (three bookshelves of books, many cases of homebrew, etc.) and we just couldn’t move til we had those boxes put away. Now it’s just the little stuff that we can pretty much live without.

  3. congrats on successfully transporting all of your worldly goods, kris! i hope it wasn’t too painful an experience for you guys.

  4. You should see the bruises on my arms. 🙁

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