I’m ranting about marriage over at Glitter. Again, just as I start to think it’s something I want to do, somebody has to go and ruin it. In this case it’s a person who thinks that only people who are married or who intend to get married should live together. Otherwise you’re just “wasting time.” Grrrr.


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  1. I’ve got lots of thoughts on this, but little time, so for now I’ll just comment that it seems like there’s just one immature person on the thread; everyone else is in your corner, Kris. Having been in 2 different cohabitation situations, I know how different they can be and see both sides. I can share details later.

    As long as you’re wasting time, at least you’re enjoying it .. 😉

  2. bah. not wasting time. i think marriage is good. but then i’ve only been married for 2 months, so i’m biased :o)

  3. my 2 cents is in that thread too. i basically think it’s your own business if you and your partner want to be married or you just want to live together. as long as you’re happy, there’s nothing wrong with however you choose to live. i don’t consider any relationship, wedding or no wedding, a waste of time.

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