Trivia Update: I know… It’s Thursday! The schedule has changed. We’re actually going back to the Nag’s Head for trivia (since it’s closer to the new house) and trivia there is on Wednesday nights. They have better prizes too, but unfortunately we didn’t get any of them because we sucked. Your questions for the week: Which TV show featured the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo? What type of reptile is a basilisk? Which world leader coined the phrase “the mother of all battles”?


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  1. ooohooooh..The Flintstones! I would guess snake for basilisk. Is it more specific? And maybe…Winston Churchill? Anything else, who knows, but I’ve got my cartoons.

  2. Those are the three answers we put down… but only the first one is correct. The Snook and I had an argument over the basilisk one, as I insisted that it was a snake (because of Harry Potter) while he insisted that there is a *real* basilisk and it isn’t a snake. He was right.

  3. Im pretty sure the Flintstones is right, for the Water Buffalos and wasn’t it Saddam who coined the phrase “mother of all battles”? I would have said snake for Basilisk as well. Why would J.K. lie to us?

  4. a basilisk is a type of lizard, but that last one has me stumped.

  5. I just looked the basilisk one up (I know that’s cheating) they are those ones in the American Southwest that run on their hind legs.

  6. yeah, i’d have gone for snake on basilisk too, also because of harry potter.

  7. One of those little running things blown up to Harry Potter size would have scarred the bejesus out of me. Eeeeee! Can you just see it running wildly @ Harry?

    Hmph, I bet the crowing of the rooster doesn’t even kill it.

  8. Saddam Hussein referred to the Mother of all Battles back in Gulf War I…that’s the only one of those I would’ve gotten.

  9. Rowling had it half wrong, as far as the Chamber of Secrets basilisk thing is concerned. A “real” mythological basilisk is traditionally represented as half rooster, half serpent.

    I’ve also heard it referred to as a “cockatrice” before. Walter Wangerine included one in his allegorical novel “The Book of the Dun Cow.” Evil evil evil. I read it when I was a kid, and thinking about it now makes me shudder.

  10. You guys got them all! Flintstones, Saddam, and a lizard. You should be on our team. 🙂

  11. Huh…I almost guessed “The Red Green Show” for the water buffalo one. It was my first instinct. 🙂

  12. They were Possum Lodge, silly. 🙂

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