DreamioContest: My company has just launched a new product called the Dreamio. Seriously. An expensive, high-end consumer electronic device called a Dreamio. The mind boggles. Do marketers actually get paid to come up with this stuff? My co-workers and I are having fun coming up with other things more deserving of the name. My favorites so far have been: a luxury pillow, a sex toy, and a “soccer playing Smurf”. Got any better? I’ll send a Harry Potter knitted bookmark to the person who comes up with the best alternative. Post your suggestions in the comments.


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  1. Bagel laced with ambien? Special “poppy seed” version available in Myanmar and Thailand only (just ask around).

  2. a robot gigolo alà the character played by Jude Law in AI?

  3. dreamio is a motion picture by MGM due out next year. it’s a new type of motion picture – because instead of trying to make good movies, they’re accepting the fact that some movies may be better at helping the insomniacs of the world. case in point: heather locklear and russell crow are trapped in a subway car with 10 other people. *slowing drifting off to sleep* The subway tunnel caved in, leaving them… just enough…. oxygen to…. *snores*

  4. Dreamio sounds like a new electronic gadget. A uniquely-shaped, form fitting headphones or comfort speakers built into those form pillows for people who need to listen to music or white noise (or sounds of the ocean, rain or the womb) to get to sleep — either due to severe insomnia or a snoring mate. They are specially design for maximum comfort and resistant to crushing when the subject rolls over. There would be no cords to get tangled and possible strangle the sleeper. No static or interference possible. They are specially design to lower the volume once the sleeper enters rem sleep or increase volume when room noise increase…but a built in timer automatically lowers the volume as morning approaches allowing the user to still wake easily to their alarm clock.

    Oh! Or…virtual reality goggles that allow you to pre-program your dreams. They work by projecting small, 3D images on your eyelids during REM sleep to subtly encourage particular dream sequences. The perfect complement to Dreamio Sonics, which broadcast the ambient/sound effects and mood music for your dream sequence.

    And to answer your question, yep, we market (and PR) people get paid for coming up with names. 😉

  5. For all you techies.. it’s actually Dream-i/o. Part of Apple’s new OS that deals with interfacing with external components.

  6. dreamio is actually a drug influenced by what homer simpsons does on long trips of the road – a couple of tabs of these and you will find yourself in your own land of nod where moons smile down upon you indulgently before you drive off the bitumen into a fence…

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