How sensitive are your senses? Take this test. I scored 10 out of 20. I screwed up most of the first visual section and I missed the last three straight. I suck.


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  1. Yeah, that was hard. I disagreed with a lot of answers. (Vomit is NOT in parmesan cheese.) 3:(

    Hee-hee! And really, I don’t think white chocolate and bacon is all that bad of a combination! Now COME on! Besides, my Shape magazine scored me as an HSP, so I don’t care what this test says. Loud noises, sharp smells, lots of lights and sound and movement screw my shit up and I get maaaaadddd!

  2. I kinda thought the chocolate and bacon sounded good too. It’s like when Rachel messes up the trifle on Friends and puts meat in it and Joey likes it anyway. He says, “What’s not to like? Whipped cream? Good. Peas? Good. Beef? Goooooood.” The Snook and I quote that all the time.

  3. White chocoloate and bacon sounds like the bomb. I demand a recount. (10/20)

  4. I got 14/20, but i put my fingers up to the screen to help size some of the optical illusions, which i’m pretty sure is some sort of cheating… also, parm TOTALLY smells like puke once in awhile!

  5. I wanted to use my fingers but I reckoned, yeah, it would be cheating. 🙂

  6. The Snook did the quiz at home this morning and mentioned he missed some of the “sound” ones. I’m like, “What sound ones?” Evidently if you say that you have sound on your computer, there are some that require you to hear things. I said “no” since I’m at work and didn’t get those.

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