How do you sleep? I’m a foetus and a freefaller myself. Actually I sometimes do a combination of both, with my arms up around the pillow and one leg bent at ninety degrees (like I’m climbing). It’s so comfy; you should try it. But how in the world do those log folks sleep like that? It looks to me like you’d have trouble balancing with your arm pinned beneath you. I’d topple over onto my face within five seconds.

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  1. I start out in a foetus (look at me adding that “o” in there, like a fancy-schmancy person!), but before I completely zonk out, I’m in freefall mode, and I stay there through the night.

  2. Heh, I felt that way too about the spelling. But I figure you folks are all used to me mixing it up linguistically, so no worries. (I’d be spelling color as “colour” by now if not for the stabilizing influence of HTML!)

  3. i’m a freefaller too, except that i like to tuck my hands under my stomach rather than put them up on the pillow. i think i started doing this at uni to keep my hands warm. i get cold hands really easily, and permanently had ice blocks for hands during my 5 years of living in the freezing cold conditions of edinburgh. of course, it’s not at all necessary in the tropics of singapore, but i guess it’s hard to unlearn some habits.

  4. Today I walked in to work in the Hancock and outside someone is doing a little advertising for down mattress pads. There are 2 people on gigantic ‘rocks’ with a little sign that says Sleep like a Rock. They’re very striking in white robes on white mattress pads on the rocks on the sidewalk.

    And I’m very jealous. How many times have I wanted to just lie down and sleep in the middle of the day in the middle of the street? And they get to be comfy, even!

  5. I don’t use any of those positions…yikes! My husband lovingly calls my sleeping position ‘the flamingo’. On one side with one knee up, other leg straight, hugging my pillow. go figure.

  6. Rodd described his preferred position today as “clip-on koala”. Much like the crappy little tourist souvenirs with the clippy arms, he clips on to me like I’m a tree. 🙂

  7. I’m a freefalling feotus, myself.

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