My fellow cable-deprived music lovers might be interested in watching REM’s new video online. (I’m told it’s also playing on MTV and VH1.) As near as I can tell from the crappy Quicktime version, the song is really really good. I’m trying to find a decent rip online so I can tell for sure. (Rest assured, Mr. RIAA, I’ll buy the damn record – as I have all the others – as soon as it comes out here in Australia, which probably won’t be for four years anyway.)


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  1. The song sounded great live, FWIW. Michael said that ‘Animal’ is his favorite track from the new album, but that one didn’t do much for us.

  2. When did you see them? (I haven’t been able to get to your site lately.) I’m SO JEALOUS. They don’t seem to have any Australian dates on the tour.

    I’ve been listening to “Bad Day” on repeat and I definitely like it. It’s funny; when I first heard the crappy Quicktime version last night I told the Snook that it reminded me of “It’s the End of the World as We Know it” even though I couldn’t hear the lyrics. Today I looked them up and it actually contains lines from that song. Watch a heel crush crush, indeed. 🙂

  3. They played Seattle on Labor Day, one of the first dates on their N. American tour. Amazing show! They played a LOT of old stuff, the prerequisite middle-era stuff (Man on the Moon, etc.) and 2 off the new album. Wrapped up with ‘End of the World’ of course. There were in great spirits, and it came through in the music–more than 2 hours’ worth!
    (My site’s been down since Sunday, as my stupid hosting company is ‘under new management’ and doesn’t even have a support desk up yet… The US$50 one-time set-up fee was too good to be true after all.)

  4. Word is they tried to record “Bad Day” back in ’86 and it morphed into “End of the World.” They even used to play it at shows back then, ‘cept it was still called P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement) At any rate, that’s why the words are the same.

    Only two weeks or so until they play the Garden…booyah.

  5. Bad Day was very End of the World sounding. That was my favorite of the new songs that we heard. I’ll just second Jeff’s comments about how amazing that Bumbershoot show was.

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