I just had a great session with my new personal trainer Adam. He set me up with a weight lifting program that I’m going to alternate with Pump classes. I’m also going to mix up my running a bit more and alternate between longer, slower runs and short, intense sprints. I’m feeling pretty good about everything. (Well, except for my pathetic tricep strength. You know how you do those reverse push-ups, where you lower yourself off the edge of a bench and push yourself up and down with your triceps? He had me down for thirty. I can do five. Yikes.) He also asked me about my diet and I stiffened, waiting for the inevitable Atkins backlash. But he was totally and utterly supportive! He just reminded me to get enough Omega-3s and iron and told me that I was doing the right thing! It felt so nice to have some friggin’ vindication after a whole year of defending myself. He even thinks that running a marathon next year is a great goal to work towards. (You runners will be happy to note that he gave me a lecture on the importance of running outside. I’m going to work on that.) I feel motivated and inspired. And how’s your weekend?


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  1. My weekend is lazy and boring, thanks. After Isabel made a mess of the East Coast, everything is shut down, all the stores are out of everything, and the power is out everywhere. Sigh. Nature sucks sometimes. But I’m happy you’re inspired! Good work, Kris. I wish I could say my gym experiences have been the same, lately!

  2. Eek! Sorry to rub salt in the wound of a crappy weekend. If it makes you feel any better, I ache so bad from the lifting he had me do that I can barely move. So mine didn’t end up being sublimely wonderful either… 🙂

  3. Lifting is great tho, especially when you first start. You might get sore after the first few workouts, but that is normal and goes away (as long as you keep at it). You will probably notice a difference in tone/etc after only a couple sessions.

  4. Yeah, I lifted for most of last year Dan (that’s how I actually lost most of the weight, I think). Unfortunately my day job killed my long-workout-in-the-middle-of-the-day habit. The new plan Adam gave me seems workable though, so I’m optimistic. I’m a little afraid about venturing back to Pump class tonight though. It used to kick my ass even back when I was in better shape…

  5. Ah i did not know that. I always used to incapacitate myself when I was back in school. Like, for a week after the first basketball practice I couldn’t walk up stairs comfortably becasue it hurt to bend my legs. Similar thing for track, they made us lift the first day, and after that I couldn’t extend my arms for 2 or 3 days.

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