I feel like I’m in a blog-reading rut. Does anybody have any great new suggestions for sites I should be reading? Here’s what I like: frequently updated sites with lots of links and a good mix of commentary from smart, interesting people. (Example: virulent memes, an excellent Aussie blog I’ll be bookmarking.) I can only stomach pure diary/journal sites when I know the person, so don’t bother with those. So… where should I go today?


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  1. You could always take a look at mine. It’s Aussie, regularly updated and avoids blog entries that jam on about really boring stuff like how boring life is.

  2. Quiddity (aka Megg aka http://www.quicklikeabunny.net/) is a consistently great and under-read blog. It really should be required reading for the fanboy/fangirl nation.

  3. Thanks for the excellent suggestions, guys!

  4. Strangechord, http://www.strangechord.com/, is a great mix of personal stuff (not really diary/journalish writing though) and interesting links.

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