Yet Another Gym Malady.
Tonight I was happily doing my lifting routine when the weirdest thing happened. I’d just done my “Front Raise”, which is this exercise my trainer gave me where I get in a push-up position (except on my elbows) and hold myself there for 20 seconds. It’s good for your abs, I guess. Anyway, I’d just finished that when suddenly both of my feet cramped up at once. I’ve had the occasional painful foot cramp, but never two at the same time! I could barely walk. It was all I could do to grab my things and hobble home, where I paced and stretched and winced and swore until they finally relaxed. They still hurt. I guess this is the final glaring sign that I need some new gym shoes, huh?


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  1. Huh. Were you on your tippy-toes or did you do upside-down foot where you are sort of putting the weight on the toenail side? I can see the cramp occurring if you were upside-down foot. Feet are sensitive to other muscles (allegedly). It was probably part sympathy pains (or whatever it might be called, I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation) and part the foot not being happy with being scrunched up (if you had upside-down feet.) That’s my guess.

  2. I don’t know about the cramping, but don’t you hate that front raise thing? Our boot camnp instructor makes us do it sometimes as part of our final stretches, and I feel like every vein in my head is about to pop (I always stay up for the required time, though–I’m such a competitive bastard in there).

  3. Nope, I was on my tippy toes, Dan. I had calf pains all night too. I don’t think it’s a vitamin deficiency, as I take a multi-vitamin every day and generally eat a really good varied diet. (I’m definitely getting enough calcium, potassium, and salt, anyway, which are the main culprits in these cases, right?) I’m really thinking that it must be my shoes, as the last of the support is pretty much gone. I’ll try and hit an Athlete’s Foot this week and see if they can analyze what’s going wrong.

    I’m not fond of it, Max, but I was ROCKIN’ it last night before I cramped up. Maybe I was just being a little too hard-core or something. 🙂

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