A divorce lawyer in London is advertising his services with posters that read “Ditch the bitch”. His wife said the posters, including one of a woman sobbing on a bed under the headline “all men are bastards”, were funny “in a Bridget Jones sort of way”. The managing director of the advertising agency that devised the campaign said it was unlikely women would be offended “because they don’t go into men’s toilets”.
I’m only going to remark that that’s a really crap defense of something offensive and derogatory. Our (women-only) dorm at college decided to stop putting the “Hottie of the Week” in our dorm newsletter (which was only hung in the women’s restroom) because we felt that we wouldn’t want our fellow male students objectifying women in their dorms, whether we saw it or not. I guess our faith in some segments of the male gender was unfounded. I hope both he and the lawyer get a zillion complaints.