Britney backs Labour. I guess this settles the question of who Snookums is going to vote for. *grin* (Yeah, he gets to vote since he’s a “colonial”, as Nick puts it. I’m reduced to being a spectator thanks to that pesky Declaration of Independence.)


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  1. BTW, does anyone really care what an american pop star thinks about british politics? well, i guess i should be impressed by the fact that she is aware of what goes on outside of the US borders.

  2. Actually the article makes it sound very weird and dodgy. It’s like, the note wasn’t sent to Blair, it was sent to Alastair Campbell, a “self-confessed Spears devotee.” Campbell apparently took his 6-year-old daughter to see her last year and then met her at her after-party at Planet Hollywood. And there’s this weird bit about how he refused to talk about whether the note was actually political or “veered… to anything more personal.”

    Which Snookums and I both thought sounded very dodgy.

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