Friday Five:

1. What vehicle do you drive?
A giant natural gas-powered public bus. Well, I don’t really drive it exactly, but sometimes I like to sit behind the driver and pretend I do.

2. How long have you had it?
For the last four years (i.e. the length of time I’ve been living outside the U.S.).

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
Well, it picks me up right near my house and takes me into the city for only $1.20! I don’t have to park it or pay for insurance or worry about it getting stolen. I don’t even have to wash it! Plus it holds lots of people and we all get happy fuzzy feelings from saving the environment.

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
When it rains all the windows fog up.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
A cherry red vintage VW Beetle convertible with a leather top. I wouldn’t be driving it though; it’d just sit in my underground parking space where I could admire it. I’ll stick with the bus.

(Did I mention how stupid and annoying these questions are? What, it’s just assumed that everybody in the world owns – or wants to own – a car? Sheesh.)


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  1. “A cherry red vintage VW Beetle convertible with a leather top.” I thought you might be interested to know that when I was little (like 4 or 5), your dream car was our *family* car. In their hippie-parent days, my mom and dad loved Beetles (my first car was a kelly green 1970 bug). Then they sold the convertible and bought a big ugly van to tote the kids. Sad…

    (As a side note, the VW convertible was an upgrade from the previous mode of family transport: his n’ hers motorcycles! My parents were FREAKS!)

  2. I think you told me that before Max, yet every time I get a new wave of jealousy… 🙂

  3. my parents drove a metallic blue beetle with a white soft top when i was 5-7. the seats were always too hot to sit on in shorts or a swimsuit. we had to keep towels in the car so we didn’t burn our behinds.

  4. Oh my gosh–not to sidetrack this thread entirely (too late!), but my brother and I suffered “beetle bum burn” more times than we can count in our. We lived in Pensacola, FL, and every trip to the beach (every weekend in the summer) was great until that moment you had to get back in the car. I think VW made their seats out of super-heat-retaining vinyl or something.

  5. yeah max – i know exactly what you mean – i was living in houston, TX, which made every trip to the local swimming pool in the summer that bit more interesting…ouch!

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