What do you eat when you’ve got, uh, an “upset tummy”? I woke up with a mild case of food poisoning this morning and I haven’t been able to keep a single thing in my stomach for longer than five minutes. I know I need to eat but I can’t think of anything low-risk. Thoughts?

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  1. when i got sick last spring i learned that folks in your condition are supposed to go on the “BRAT” diet: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. then there’s always sick toast, which in our family is when you toast bread, butter it and cover it with brown sugar or cinnamon sugar, and then put it back in the toaster [oven] until it’s all nice and bubbly. mmm.

    unfortunately i don’t think there’s much atkins-friendly food that’s also easy on digestion. hope you feel better soon!

  2. Crackers, like saltines or goldfish. And jello-water (jello, but you can’t wait for it to gel) and real ginger ale or coke (not diet). Sugar is a must for settling upset tummies. Peppermint is also supposed to help.

    I’m so sorry you’re sick. How miserable!

  3. Oh, and the ginger ale is also good because you really need fluids; if you can’t keep anything down, you’re probably getting dehydrated. 🙁

  4. A few shots of the pink stuff will almost always guarantee total tummy enlightenment. Maybe chase it with some of the Snook’s strange brew and you’ll be feeling like a million bucks again. The cinnamon toast thing is good too, I used love that stuff.

  5. Ugh, Pepto has never failed to make me barf. I’m on the extra strength Immodium we picked up in the US. Seems to be working, though I’m still getting stomach cramps when I eat. The only cracker-like thing we had in the house were some plain vanilla cookies but they tasted damn good to me. That’s interesting about the BRAT thing – I think we’ve got some rice. I might try that. And I know we’ve got some Jello somewhere. Thanks everybody…

  6. I second ginger ale. I also slurp some Miso soup. it has great tummy settling properties.
    feel better.

  7. I feel *so* much better now. I had a long nap and the Snook made me some boiled rice with chicken broth. I also managed to drink some cordial so I’m not so dehydrated.

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