Dear Residents of California*,
Thanks a friggin’ lot. It’s hard enough being an American living overseas – what with our President being a megalomaniacal assclown and all – and you had to go and elect the Terminator. My co-workers have been laughing about it all morning. There’s only so much defending I can do, and this is pretty much indefensible. I know the bumper stickers are going to be hilarious and all, but is that really justification for electing a Hitler-praising, debate-avoiding, no-policy-or-experience-having steroid-abusing womanizer? I guess I should just be happy that Indiana’s former status as “State who Elects the Dumbest Politicians” (courtesy of Dan Quayle) has finally been overshadowed.

* Except for my sister, who wasn’t eligible to vote, and thus is exempt from my ire.


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  1. I’m gonna start telling people I’m from Canada, eh.
    (but I hate bacon…)

  2. amy – do you like maple syrup? that might make up for the bacon-hating.

  3. How about “Red Green”? I love that show.

  4. When I was in England and was continually laughed at for crazy stuff in the US, it was invaritably Californian in origin. Just let everyone know that California is not like the rest of the US. This doesn’t mean that I’m not contemplating emigrating to Vancouver, eh. 😉

  5. hey…all i’ve gotta say is this: the big man was the only candidate who said he’d get rid of the recent 300% increase in car tax. i think a lot of residents saw that as the most immediate policy affecting them, hence the landslide victory. the cost of living here is so high already, i know *i* can’t afford to pay $500 additional tax on my 1998 stratus every year! (and hey, none of this is really going to matter anyway – go to for for more info!)

  6. You say Potatoe
    and I say Po-tah-to.
    Indiana thanks Arnie, for taking the heat off Quayle

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