Trivia Update: We finished a respectable fourth out of fifteen teams tonight, though the winners beat us by more than ten points. (We’re fairly certain they cheat every week so we’re going to try to find a new place.) My own personal highlights were identifying the Coronation Street theme and remembering Bob Dylan’s real last name. A couple for you: What is the only country in the world whose name starts with the letter “O”? Which three men won the gold medals in the 100m, 200m, and 400m sprints at the Sydney Olympics? Which continent are aardvarks native to? Elton John used which mythical character’s name as his own middle name?


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  1. Sydney 2000: 100m = Maurice Greene for sure, 200m = hmmmm, I have no idea. Jon Drummond?, 400m = Michael Johnson? Yeah, not sure on those last 2. And Bob Dylan’s real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman, right? That’s all I got…

  2. Wasn’t Elton John’s middle name “Hercules”? I think aardvarks are South American. I think John Drummond won the 100m gold at Sydney, but I don’t know about the other events. And I haven’t a clue about the country beginning with “O” unless you’re talking about the spelling in the native language, in which case Austria is actually called “Osterreich”.

  3. I thought that aardvards are African anteaters. Good call on the Oman, psorr; I couldn’t think of it even though I’ve been there.

  4. Way to go on Zimmerman and Hercules! (We’d never have guessed the latter.) Aardvarks are indeed African. Oman is the only O country. As for the runners, it was Maurice Green, Konstantinos Kenteris, and Micheal Johnson. I hate this question because we’ve had it several times and I can remember that it was a random big white Greek guy, but I can never recall his name.

  5. i got ‘oman’, and i knew aardvarks were from africa – but only because one of my flatmates did zoology at uni, and she studied them in africa one summer. her final year project wasn’t quite so exciting – it involved feeding batches of chickens different coloured food.

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