Panther is coming! Panther is coming! Hooray, we finally have a release date – October 24. That’s two weeks from tomorrow! I’ve been waiting for this for ages. I desperately need to repartition my hard drive and clear out some old crap but I’ve been waiting til my next major OS install to do it. Hmm, I wonder if any of the Apple stores in Sydney will be celebrating the release. I’m way too excited about this.

Eek… $230 AU though. Ouch.


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  1. Yay! Though I’m gonna wait for a month or so on getting this upgrade, and let the masses be my guinea pigs — I’ve some concerns about Font Book in particular. But, Yay! OS X rocks!

  2. I’ll be your guinea pig! And yay, I just realized that I can probably have Ma Snook buy it for me and thus get the educational discount – save $100! 🙂

  3. I usually get the education discount too. But I’m getting annoyed here. I paid for Jaguar because it was supposed to be so great and now we’re all supposed to pay again for Panther because it is so much greater? I think I will probably steal Panther. I love Apple, but sometimes you have to show them they can’t kick you around just because you are a loyal customer. Sometimes you have to do the same thing kind of thing with your mom.

  4. i will be getting it around the 31st, unfortunately i have to pay my rent first 🙁 but i am very excited, as i am stil a mac OS9 boy… i am sure betty blue will therefore become even speccier. so please tell all when you do get it!

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