Wow, the new US $20 bill is out. I like the color. Thanks to Aussie and British money, I’m a big believer in having different colored (and sized) bills. I got so confused in the US last June whenever a cashier would hand me a wad of identical green cash.


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  1. I really like the bill, too. When it was first announced a few months back, it was receiving a lot of criticism. Our bills are so boring compared to other countries.

  2. i’ve seen pictures of this so-called colourful bill, and it’s not looking so colourful from where i’m sitting. i guess it’s a start.

  3. You’ve been living overseas too long if you can’t recognize a greenback’s denomination by touch, Kris.

    Okay, I’m getting to freakily American-stereotype here. But I do like the fact that all of our bills are the same color (out of stubborness, I suppose), and definitely the same size; after all, bills must fit together neatly facing the same direction in a nice stack in the wallet. The pattern is marred if the bills are different sizes.

  4. Touch? Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?

    See, my wallet stack is NESTED! Each denomination is just a few millimeters wider than than the one before so they organize themselves really neatly. The blind folks like it, anyway. 🙂

  5. The use of colour is cool, but it’s still a pretty conservative design. Who says money has to look like it’s from 1834? I love how Australian notes feature cool stuff like famous poems and windmills. We just need to lose the Queen from the fiver and it’d be perfect 🙂

  6. Eh. It’s okay. It’s money, not art.

    I just wish that the Sacagawea Dollar had caught on better than it did. They we so convenient, too. Everyone saved them instead of spending them. Everyone but me, I suppose. I haven’t seen any in at least a year.

  7. Ahem. That should read: “They were so…”
    Sorry. It’s early.

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