AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE! OI! OI! OI! The Rugby World Cup starts today and I’m pretty fired up. Sure, the Poms and the Kiwis are favored, but I think Georgie and the boys can pull it off. And hey! Even we Yanks have a team. GO EAGLES!


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  1. my dad played for the eagles in 1978. i didn’t even know they were playing this world cup. go eagles!

  2. mmm…i’m gonna have to put that picture of link wilfley up on my desktop or somethin’! yummy. are they any good? what’s up with the dudes from santa monica? hmm.

  3. we are thinin’ about going out to watch the US/France game, I think it is on the 31st, in a pub somewhere. The rest of the US ones are all on weeknights and we can’t get properly pissed to watch a game, ya know?!?

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